Venture Wolf Productions



Evening Tickets £12
Schools matinees only £7 a tickets


with Actors and director tailor made for the needs of your students.

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"Is love a tender thing? It is too rough, too rude, too boisterous, and it pricks like a thorn.”

It’s the mid fifties, society is trying to find itself, what should be a time of peace is shook by rebellious new attitudes.  Why should the traditions of the past dictate the generation of today? Set in an era where family traditions and youthful dreams stand in conflict; Venture Wolf present an action packed, funny and tragic  new production of Shakespeare’s classic romance.


With a rock n roll soundtrack the Montague boys hit the town and cause havoc at Capulet’s sophisticated party.  Old rivalries return to the surface and playful masculine violence spills to the street, will two young lovers desire for each spiral the battle between families into a dangerous game of life and death?

 Two volatile young leaders Tybalt and Mecutio locked in conflict seek to establish their own identities. Traditional values are directly challenged by a youth that refuses to be bound by their parents’ rules.  Society’s control is slipping as neither young nor old understand the tense new world around them. In the midst of all this can two teenagers escape and find solace and in each other’s arms?

 In a town where oppression and fighting are rife can love ever be tender? As generations, and families seek to assert their control over an ever changing world will love prove too rough, too rude, and to boisterous to survive?

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