Venture Wolf

Bruised egos and broke, two forgotten rock stars try and record the album that makes sense of their lives

In a drunken haze, two former rock stars awake after a night of heavy drinking. They come from different eras, one full of angry 80’s angst, the other a new millennium rocker hell bent on making life one long party. Finding themselves in the same crowded pub, their nights merged as both sought desperately to befriend a record executive they hope could save their long since forgotten careers.  When the morning arrives, these new drinking buddies quickly descend into bruised animosity, yet their careers have just been thrown an unlikely lifeline. The record exec placed a bet he could get them a hit album, but there’s a catch; they have to record it together.

Wrapped up in a caricature of who they used to be, can they rediscover who they really are and confront the hurt of a life never quite fulfilled? Why is King A always angry and is Kieran Kurtz really as carefree and enthusiastic as he likes to seem? Have they spent so long trying to appear real that they have become detached from what made them successful all those years earlier?

This hilarious, poignant two-man show is full of laughter, sing-a-longs and the anarchic hope that rock and roll should never die. With tales of excess, stupidity and dark secrets lurking beneath the surface, join two naughty boys who still refuse to join the real world.

Featuring the 'dashing and devilish’ (Manchester Evening Post) AW King with Paul Vitty ' Marlon Brando directed by Che Guevara’ (   AW’s notable credits include Brookside, Doctors, Peak Practice, Hollyoaks, Emmerdale and A Touch of Frost.  He has played Ten Major Shakespearean roles including Falstaff to Clive Owen's Prince Hal in Michael Mcaffery's production of Henry IV part 1. Paul has portrayed a diverse range of leading roles from Ray Cooney’s farce ‘Tom, Dick and Harry’ to award winning German language b/w  WW1 film, UB13. Other notable roles include; Iago, Richard II, Faustus, Mercutio, Tamburlaine and Lord Goring in Oscar Wilde’s An Ideal Husband.

Venture Wolf return for their third year at Edinburgh after their previous comedies have proved a smash hit with audiences, including 2017’s Lipstick and Scones, which was commissioned for a full length version following its Edinburgh debut. They have a track record of combining engaging stories with biting wit and a sense of fun, past highlights include staging the West End premiere of Noël Coward’s ‘This Was A Man’ ( Leicester Square Theatre).





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