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by William Shakespeare.

A family feud. A marriage in jeopardy. A kingdom on the brink. When Imogen defies her father Cymbeline, the King of Britain, and marries the poor Posthumus, the Kingdom in thrown into turmoil. Cast adrift in a dangerous world with violence lurking on every corner, can Imogen survive the machinations of a scheming seducer, a wicked queen and an invading army to reunite her fractured family? Venture Wolf’s high-octane version of Shakespeare’s rarely performed romance comes to The London Theatre, May 2016.

Starring Sinead Davies, Jim Chadburn and Roger Sansom as Cymbeline, King of Britain.

Cast includes Teddy Corbett, Darren Cullen, Kristin Duffy, Tristan Hyde, Jessamy James, David Moss, Will Richardson, Aizaac Sidhu, Donna Marie Smith and Simon Wilshire.

Directed by James Paul Taylor.

The London Theatre


by William Shakespeare

Fame. Glory. Power. Most people spend their lives failing to hit these heights but when you achieve everything before turning 21 what is there left to do? Having faced down plots, rebellions and power struggles whilst only a teenager, King Richard’s command is absolute, but when the untouchable monarch is challenged by a childhood friend, who can he really count on? Reimagining one of England’s most controversial kings as a rock star dictator, Venture Wolf’s blistering new production of Shakespeare’s Richard II production comes to the Network Theatre, Waterloo, March 2016.

Starring Paul Vitty, Roger Sansom and AW King. Co-starring: Matt Betts, Simon Gibbons, Tom Kelsey, Beata Kuzak, Natalia Marie, Alex Maude, George Michie, Rebecca Ormrod, Georgina Parren, Penny Peters, Stuart Scollen, Katie Stanway and introducing Ben Wills as Henry Bolingbroke.

Directed by James Paul Taylor

The Nework Theatre


After a sellout debut in 2015 our comedy double bill is back!

Departure Date
Average job, average life, David is bumbling his way through life in a general state of apathetic self loathing. When a letter arrives late from the hospital his world is thrown into chaos, he only has a day left to live! With nothing left to lose he invites the office stunner for a date. As time runs out, can he find the courage to seize his last chance for love? With the help of his self absorbed sister, a drunken best friend and an aggressive prostitute what could possibly go wrong?
Departure Date is a laugh out loud story of desire, desperation and despair. Told with acidic wit, big heart and a wry smile

Lipstick and Scones
Lipstick and Scones is the story of three sisters who have ended up living very separate lives. They gather with their husbands to celebrate the engagement of their eldest sister, Liz. The problem is this is her fourth engagement this year and no one is certain if he even exists. As the afternoon progresses, past resentments and old secrets emerge, that could derail all their lives.
Lipstick and Scones will make you smile, laugh and maybe even shed a tear or two.

Written and Directed by Paul Vitty

The Leciester Square Theare


by Oscar Wilde

In the exclusive social circles of 21st Century Chelsea the lives and loves of the affluent and respectable ruling elite are not all they seem; behind the glamorous veneer of SW1 lies an explosive social scene plagued by lust, heartbreak and betrayal. Is heartbreaker Lord Illingworth’s penitence to be trusted? How will party queens Allonby and Stutfield react when the attention is stolen by New Yorker Hester Worsley? Will Mrs. Arbuthnot’s mysterious secret smash their superficial world? Emotions and hairstyles run high in Venture Wolf’s autumn production of Oscar Wilde’s An Woman of No Importance.

Directed by James Paul Taylor

Cast includes: Hollie Hales, Matthew Harrison-James, Tristan Hyde, Asha Lane, Alex Maude, Martin Sales, Roger Sansom, Vicki Sargent, Katie Stanway, Charlotte Warner and Sarah Wanendeyast; Martin Sales, Tristen Hyde

The London Theatre        October 2015


by William Shakespeare

When four teenagers venture into the woods at night to chase their dreams they soon find out that the course of true love never did run smooth. Hermia, a dynamic and defiant fifteen year old has just walked out of her parents’ house, running into the woods with her sixteen year old boyfriend Lysander. They had a plan to hide at his aunt’s house but now they are hopelessly lost. Matters are not helped by the fact that her best friend, the lovesick Helena, is ready to betray her whereabouts to Demetrius – the boy Hermia’s father would rather she dated and who won’t leave her alone. Just when Hermia’s problems could not get any worse along comes the mischievous sprite Puck to turn the situation upside down. Can Hermia and Helena reconcile to break the fairy’s spell? Or will the night end with broken dreams and broken bones?

An hour version focusing on the young lovers and puck

Directed by Genevieve Ray

Cast includes Daisy Watts, Asha Lane, Vicky Sargent. Josh Jewkes.

The Canal Café Theatre       August 2015

A  Comedy Double Bill

An hour of biting wit and incredible heart, sure to make you smile, laugh and maybe even shed a tear or two.

Lipstick and Scones is the story of three sisters who have ended up living very separate lives. They gather with their husbands to celebrate the engagement of their eldest sister, Liz. The problem is this is her fourth engagement this year and no one is certain if he even exists. As the afternoon progresses, past resentments and old secrets emerge, that could derail all their lives.

Following Lipstick and Scones successful premiere last year we are very pleased to revive it, alongside a brand new comedy short play, also written by Paul Vitty.

Departure Date is the story of David. Average job, average life, bumbling his way along in a general state of apathetic self loathing. When a letter arrives late from the hospital his world is thrown into chaos, he only has a day left to live! With nothing left to lose he invites the office stunner for a date. As time runs out, can he find the courage to seize his last chance for love? With the help of his self absorbed sister, a drunken best friend and an aggressive prostitute what could possibly go wrong? Departure Date is a laugh out loud story of desire, desperation and despair. Told with acidic wit, big heart and a wry smile

Each play lasts approximately 25 minutes.

Casts includes Molly Moody, Ramzi DeHani, Josh Jewkes, Martin Sales, Hannah Van Der Westuysen, Georgia Hull, Jim Chadburn, Thom Short, Sinead Davies, Lizzie Stanton, Rebecca Burnett, Catherine Irlam

The Leicester Square Theatre June 2015


By Richard Brinsley Sheridan

Sheridan’s sensational satire invites you into a world of gossip and rumour where truth is never allowed to get in the way of a good story.

18th Century London is a world of sexual gossip, extravagance and greed. Bankrupt in fortune and reputation, Charles Surface, a gambler and charmer, seems a stark contrast to his honest and respected brother Joseph. Yet in a world of reputation and rumour all may not be as it seems. Left under the charge of Sir Peter Teazle by their wealthy uncle, the only thing the brothers seem to have in common is their interest in the young heiress, Maria. Conspiring with the malicious and scheming Lady Sneerwell is Joseph really interested in love? When their rich uncle returns from India unrecognized and determined to test the brother characters, can bold invention triumph over truth?

Cast includes: Rebecca Burnett, Jim Chadburn, Sinead Davies, Turan Duncan,Tim Fordyce, Suzy Gill, Georgia Hull, Catherine Irlam, Martin Sales, Vicki Sergent, Thom Short, Donna Marie Smith, Ian Springer, Lizzie Stanton and Christine White.

Directed by Paul Vitty

The London Theatre  March 2015


by Christopher Marlowe

When Edward inherits the throne from his stern and all conquering father, he is determined to rule his way. To the horror of the lords and bishops he recalls his basely born male lover and demands even the proudest should stoop before his favourite. With a young son to protect, Queen Isabella finds herself ignored and humiliated by her erratic and emotional husband. Will Edward’s actions push her into the arms of the power hungry and rebellious Mortimer? Marlowe’s action packed thriller brings to the stage England’s most notorious monarch. Obsessed with his desires and disinterested in duty, the country is collapsing. Foreign powers stand on the verge of invasion as the nation's leaders are locked in deadly hate. Can you stay loyal to your king when he may destroy the country you love? Does monstrous treason become the only option? Will revenge, murder and rebellion leave Edward in a daily diet of heartbreaking sobs? As the rebels take arms, the country is led into a land as yet unknown.   Marlowe’s provocative and profound play asks us ‘What are kings when regiment is gone, but perfect shadows in a sunshine day?’ Venture Wolf presents England’s most mesmerising monarch, infamous Queen and greatest traitor in a dangerous tale of power, loyalty and lust.

Directed by Paul Vitty

Cast; Asha Lane, AW King, Emma Gonella,Harry WInterbottom, James Cadburn, Josh Jewkes, Marie Isserman, Pippa Caddick, Philip GIll, Porl Mathews, Ramzi Dehani, Roger Sanson, Sinead Davies, Sindri Swan, Thom Short, Turan Duncan

The London Theatre 2014


by Oscar WIlde

Was there ever such a thing as an honest politician? Frequently dismissed as hypocrites, liars or simply idiots, our MPs are rarely trusted and frequently seen to be out of touch but Robert Chiltern might just be the exception. Idealistic, charismatic and blessed with an apparently perfect family life, Robert has cut a swathe through the House of Commons but Parliament can be a dangerous place and when the conniving Mrs. Cheveley enters the political arena Robert’s world comes crashing down. Will Robert be able to save both his morals and his marriage or will his career become just another political scandal?

Set in an all too recognizable Westminster world, Venture Wolf Productions is proud to present a new version of Oscar Wilde’s classic comedy An Ideal Husband for the 2014 Camden Fringe.

Performed at The Canal Theatre

Directed by James Paul Taylor

Cast; Donna Marie Smith, Mathew Sanderson,  Paul Vitty, Samantha O['Connor,  Sorrel Mechan,


by William Shakespeare

“Is love a tender thing? It is too rough, too rude, too boisterious, and it pricks like a thorn.”

It’s the mid fifties, society is trying to find itself, what should be a time of peace is shook by rebellious new attitudes. Why should the traditions of the past dictate the generation of today? Set in an era where family traditions and youthful dreams stand in conflict; Venture Wolf present an action packed, funny and tragic  new production of Shakespeare’s classic romance.With a rock n roll soundtrack the Montague boys hit the town and cause havoc at Capulet’s sophisticated party. Old rivalries return to the surface and playful masculine violence spills to the street, will two young lovers desire for each spiral the battle between families into a dangerous game of life and death?

Two volatile young leaders Tybalt and Mecutio locked in conflict seek to establish their own identities. Traditional values are directly challenged by a youth that refuses to be bound by their parents’ rules. Society’s control is slipping as neither young nor old understand the tense new world around them. In the midst of all this can two teenagers escape and find solace and in each other’s arms?

In a town where oppression and fighting are rife can love ever be tender? As generations, and families seek to assert their control over an ever changing world will love prove too rough, too rude, and to boisterous to survive?

The London Theatre

Directed by Genevieve Ray

Cast;  Adam Courting, Adekeli Turay, Anthony Acosta, Cartherine Irlam,  Daisy Watts, Donna Marie Smith, Freya Papworth, Gregory Robinson, James Paul Taylor, Megan Holloway, Paul Vitty, Simon WIltshire, Tristen Hyde


BEAUTY'S EDGE by Donna Marie Smith LIPSTICK AND SCONES by Paul Vitty

Beuty's Edge directed by Genevieve Ray

Cast Lipstick and Scones; Georgia Hull, Hanah Van Der Westhuysen, Josh Jewkes, Martin Sales, Molly Moody,  Ramzi De Hani

Cast includes Charlotte Warner and Emma Gonnella with Adekali Turay, Catherine Irlam, Cheryl Prime, Gemma Carter, Sinead Davies and Tori Louis.


This autumn sees friendship and honour clash as loyalties are shattered in a dangerous political world. Military hero Julius Caesar is unchallenged ruler of Rome, dictator in all but name. The people love him for his famous victories and apparent benevolence but behind the scenes powerful Romans are beginning to think twice. When the ambitious Cassius and the honourable Brutus, Caesar’s oldest friend, decide to take drastic action the lines between villains and heroes begin to blur.

Re-imagined as a film noir complete with cynical heroes, mysterious femme fatales and unexpected bursts of violence, Julius Caesar invites you into this tense and exciting world

From the director of our 2012 Product...ion of Doctor Faustus.
Following our celebrated sold out spring production of The Merchant of Venice Venture Wolf are pleased to be returning to The London Theatre with one of Shakespeare's most infamous plays.

 Cast includes: Charles Uche Akuruka as Julius Caesar, Joshua Jewkes as Brutus, Fiona Sagar as Cassius
and Adam Courting as Mark Antony  Also including Anthony Acosta, Nick Leonard, Jack Rosecroft Blake Crimson, Nicola Westwood and Donna Marie Frances Smith as Calphurnia.


by William Shakespeare

“It is the Green eyed monster which doth mock the meet it feeds on”
This spring; envy, lust and murder returns in Shakespeare’s well-known tale.

Othello, a noble General, decides to over-look his good ‘honest’ friend Iago for the position of Lieutenancy. Offended by this, Iago seeks justice by manipulation and exploiting insecurities. Can love and humility prevail over doubt or will they both become two sides of the same jealous monster?
Othello takes you on an intimate trail of identity, reputation and jealousy that battles against love and desire.

Come and see if ‘the outward action doth demonstrate the native act’ this spring.

Cast includes Charles Akuruka, Paul Vitty, Jaclyn Bradley, Ben Hawkins, Donna Marie Smith, Samantha O' Connor, Dan Powell, Henryk Roberts, Ian Macnaughton, Tim Fordyce, Michael Lieber and Nick Saunter

Directed by Tyrone Samuels


by William Shakespeare

 “Wouldst thou have a serpent sting thee twice?”
This spring revisit Shakespeare's classic tale of Greed, Power, Passion and Revenge.

Young and impulsive, Bassanio is certain he can prove himself and win the heart of the wealthy Portia. Yet saddled with debt he can’t even get to see her. When his oldest friend Antonio offers to borrow the money for him, they have no option but to turn to Jewish misfit Shylock. Bullied and persecuted by them both, failure to pay will give Shylock the opportunity to demand his pound of flesh and enact ultimate revenge. In this world of men and money can the beautiful Portia outwit them all to find love and stop a murder?
Comic, compelling and tragic, The Merchant of Venice is a thrilling journey of love and betrayal where the lines between justice and vengeance are blurred.

This spring discover if ‘all men kill the things they do not love?’
Cast includes; James Paul Taylor, Adam Court, Harry Winterbottom, Daisy Watts, Julie McLellan, Darren Lacey, Sinead Phelps, Caitlin McMillan
Nicholas Lautman, Olivia Popica, Adam Boyle and Tim Fordyce


Sweet, beautiful and very dumb, poor Sinders has a problem; a year after her wedding she still hasn’t been on honeymoon, in fact the Prince seems to be more interested in looking at himself than his new bride! With the outrageous ugly sisters determined to steal him for themselves will Sinders ever find happiness?

Thankfully the Prince’s mum is on hand with a cunning plan. With the alcoholic fairy and sexually confused Buttons to help, what could possible go wrong? Join Sinders and the Gang as they pack their bags and all head off to sunny Spain for a wild and rude drunken dash for fun and fortune! 

After last years production was praised by the critics as ‘laughs throughout’, this December why not treat yourself to a naughty bit more?

With audience participation, sing-a-longs and risqué humour, prepare for a brand new big adult panto!  

Charles Akuruka, Chloe Badham, Emily Skaret-Ball, Mick George, Callum Lewin, Tyrone Samuels, Natasha-Maria Smith and James Paul Taylor.


by Christopher Marlowe

Faustus begins his studies with a burning ambition for knowledge but he soon realises that his university learning is no more than drudgery and external trash.  He wishes to live and die in knowledge yet his academic studies have left him frustrated and angry. Why can't he use his mind to create something that would last forever? Would you sell your soul if it could free your mind? To not just have control over emperors and lovers, but to have greater knowledge and power than any man that has ever lived.

For a life of unlimited pleasure and power can Faustus defy God and change  destiny?

 The London Theatre

Directed by James Paul Taylor,

Directed by James Paul Taylor
Cast includes: Paul Vitty, Suzanne Goldberg, Donna Smith, Bradley Adams, Nicky Diss, Nicola Westwood, Sarah Morgan and Callum Lewin.


by Euripedes

As the war ends, Hecuba, once a queen, is now a slave, her nation destroyed and the men all butchered. The maids of Troy, dismissed as mere trophies of war, await their cruel fate. In these strange times when friend turns traitor, revenge becomes the last hope left. In a world dominated by men, can these women, united by their courage, overcome their new masters and wreak vengeance on this vicious treachery?

Venture Wolf Productions invites you into an intimate world, where you can hear every breath and feel each haunting glare.  Directed by Paul Vitty, Hecuba promises to be an intimate and intense evening of fury and heartache.

Cast includes Natasha Jones, Emily Winter, Felicity McCormack, Kelechi Okafor, Ingrid Course, Catherine Forrester, Yasmeen Khalaf, Ben Hawkins, Tyrone Samuels, Tim Fordyce and Chris Diacopoulos

The Etcetera Theatre


Life for Charlie should be pretty good; a new date on the horizon and he's finally escaped his over-bearing family. However, he has one problem, he's broke. With no money to pay the rent, he must think of a new scam quick. His flatmate Rupert Debussy, a bitchy alcoholic failed actor offers little help. The surprise arrival of his prudish bossy big sister threatens to throw all his plans into chaos. Perhaps a naive student could be the answer to their problems! Why is Rupert being so neurotic? Can Charlie get ri...d of his sister? And is his mysterious femme-fatale date all that she seems?

Directed by Donna Marie Smith .

The Devil Doesn't Drink Cava is written by Paul Vitty, whose last London Comedy was described by critics as ' funny and filthy, a fun night out with laughs throughout' . This brand new comedy is suitable for those aged

A brand new british farce staring Grace k Miller, James Paul Taylor, Rosie Balfour, Kingsley Amadi and Paul Vitty

The Brockley Jack Studio Theatre

Sinderella - An Adult Pantomime

Sweet, beautiful but very dumb poor Sinderella is trapped in the home of her Ugly Sisters. Is the Prince really that charming? Will the feisty Fairy sober up enough to create magic? And will Buttons ever get laid?

With audience participation, sing-a-longs and risqué humour prepare for a brand new big adult panto. Treat yourself to something naughty this Christmas.

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