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THE LONDON THEATRE 16th to 21st April 2013

 “It is the Green eyed monster which doth mock the meet it feeds on”

This spring; envy, lust and murder returns in Shakespeare’s well-known tale.

 Othello, a noble General, decides to over-look his ‘honest’ friend Iago for the position of Lieutenant. In pursuit of his own justice Iago challenges the insecurities and identities of those around him when he set in motions a deadly trail of manipulation and vengeance. Can love and humility prevail over doubt or will they both become two sides of the same jealous monster?

In wealthy Venice, Iago, in suit of being lieutenant, is robbed from his identity when he is instead given the position of humble ancient. The Venetian state is in a crisis of danger and war. With news of the Turks attacking Cyprus, they send accomplished general Othello and the army to protect the island. In times when status is based on social approval, trust becomes power.  In this new land, contaminated with suspicions and personal fear, can Othello keep his authority and reputation intact?


Othello takes you on an intimate journey of identity, reputation and jealousy as it battles against love and desire. Come and see if ‘the outward action doth demonstrate the native act’

Venture Wolf Productions invites you to re-examine morals in a modern society driven by power, image and fear. This April, come and see if jealousy will prevail over love 


Venture Wolf Productions are proud to present William Shakespeare’s Othello at The London Theatre from 16th to 21st of April at 8pm (5:30 pm Sunday 21st ). The London Theatre, 443 New Cross Road, London, SE14 6TA. Tickets £12 from

an insecure world.



 Our production sees the action set loosely around the time of the first Gulf War, as the army leave their wealthy home for the mysterious and dangerous island to meet an intimidating Middle Eastern foe.  Othello’s abilities transcend his race as the Venetians need him to lead them in this dangerous fight to protect the distant island from imminent danger. i

Iago, a professional soldier wounded and betrayed after being over looked for promotion in favour of a charming intellect, who’s never set squadron in the field, sets in motion a dangerous plan to prove himself. Having stood up to her father, Othello’s new wife, Desdemona, joins them on the military campaign unknowingly putting her love and life into a web of lies and mistrust.  Far from home, in a time where men value their reputations more than their deeds, will Iago seize the opportunity to diet his revenge.

When love, duty and friendships are thrown into chaos,  will Iago’s obsession for his own justice prove he is an honest hero or a vicious villain? This gripping rendition of Othello highlights the power of position in modern society.

 to diet his r

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