Venture Wolf


At Venture Wolf we feel passionately that great works should remain accessible to new generations and that people’s economic background should not prevent them from developing a love of theatre or limit their ambition to enter the industry. As Coward is rarely studied drama students can have misconceptions or a complete lack of awareness of the technical flair of his writing and his powerful exploration of contemporary life.
Our productions specialise in creating performances that are emotionally engaging, fun and accessible performing the plays of the past as if they were written today. Our intimate venue enables the audience to really engage in the action where you can see every character’s haunting glare, share in their snatched laughter and feel the chill of their panicked breath.
Themes our workshops can cover include; Performing and exploring the works of Coward, Examine gossip and social media’s impact on our behaviour, attitude and relationships; Examine the pressure and concept on identity and expectations for Men and Women and sexuality in contemporary life/

What Will the Workshop Cover?

The workshop  is a practical exploration of Cowards writing, through exploring character and subtext we discover the humour in his scripts. The workshop also explore his life and the times in which he lived. Through understanding the context of 1920's Britain we deepen our understanding of his controversial themes and how they reflected the society that was emerging

How Long does it last?

The session  is three hours though can be longer, enabling us to explore a wider range of his scenes and characters.

Who delivers it?

The workshop is deliver by a range of actors from our westend production of Noel Coward This Was A Man

What Does it Cost?

From £150 for two tutors including hand out materials

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