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Punk rocker Puck invites you into a world of magic, love and fairies in this brand new version especially designed for outdoor fairs street festivals and events.

Infusing physical theatre, dance, music and text Midsummers Day is witty and enchanting theatre retelling the story of the magical world of Puck and co. Inspired by the text of William Shakespeare A Midsummer’s Night Dream, malcontent punk rocker Puck will take the audience through an enchanting summer’s story of love, magic and mischief.

With Puck as the narrator, performing magic and leading sing-alongs, the cast will tell the story of young lovers storming off from their  parents in pursuit of love and finding themselves in a night of mischief and mayhem.

Cast of 9

Run time 60 minutes

Price : £800


For a life of unlimited pleasure and power can Faustus defy God and change  destiny?

Faustus begins his studies with a burning ambition for knowledge but he soon realises that his university learning is no more than drudgery and external trash.  He wishes to live and die in knowledge yet his academic studies have left him frustrated and angry. Why can't he use his mind to create something that would last forever? Would you sell your soul if it could free your mind? To not just have control over emperors and lovers, but to have greater knowledge and power than any man that has ever lived?

Written by Christopher Marlowe.

Cast of 8. Suitable for both large scale and studio theatres

Available Autumn 2018


Available for schools, theatres and arts centres. More information coming soon. Why not combine the performance with our Danger and Desire: An Introduction to Shakespeare workshops?

Spring 2019

More information to follow shortly


Classic Childrens Pantomine, with audition participation and plenty of laughs it is the perfect Christmas treat. Small cast able to perform in any venue or location. All experienced actors who have also received training in performing for audiences with learning disabilities. 

The Panto is interactive fun, where the children are free to shout, cheer and join in the action. Our performers love a noisy crowd and our highly responsive and adaptable to the audience.

Optional extras includes Party games led by the Panto characters and a visit from Santa. If you wish to book the panto as a fundraiser we are happy to discuss you keeping any ticket money after our minimum guarantee.

Cast of  5

Run time 40 minutes

Available from £520


Filthy adult fun available for your theatre, works party or social club

Sweet, beautiful and very dumb, poor Sinders has a problem; a the Prince seems to be more interested in looking at himself than his new bride! With the outrageous ugly sisters determined to steal him for themselves will Sinders ever find happiness? Can Buttons steal her back and finally get laid?

Thankfully the Prince’s mum is on hand with a cunning plan. With the alcoholic fairy and aggressive tour guide what could possible go wrong? Join Sinders and the Gang as they pack their bags and all head off to sunny Spain for a wild and rude drunken dash for fun and fortune! 

 Treat yourself to something naughty this Christmas.

Available in both 40 minute and 80 minute versions. Self contained performance with minimal set.  You can include an interval, the performance is able to adapt to your space, venue and audience.

Cast of  8

Available from £600


Charley’s Aunt by Brandon Thomas

Love! Deceit! Cross-dressing! How far would you go to help a friend in love?! Jack and Charley are desperately in love but in order to get the girls of their dreams they are going to need a chaperone… When the eccentric Fancourt Babberley agrees to dress up as Charley’s Aunt Lucia, what could possibly go wrong?! Join Venture Wolf for Charley’s Aunt, a madcap Christmas comedy of friendship, farce and a dame with a difference!

Available from Spring 2019 . One of British theatre most successful and well loved farces.

Cast of ten. Adaptable for both large scale and studio venues.


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