Venture Wolf

This Was A Man

by Noel Coward

In a world of adultery and vanity can a lazy idealist be forced to confront what he really feels?

We lay bare our intimate thoughts and private affairs almost instantly to comparative strangers. Have we lost sight of our real emotions? Can we even remember who we want to be?

Edward Churt is living the London dream, a style setting emerging artist, glamourous apartment and beautiful wife with a vivid personality, invited to every party and premiere in town. Yet he feels he’s become a shallow nonentity, a lazy idealist unsure how to behave. As his wife, Carol, embarks on a serious of very public affairs Edward, greets her behaviour with his normal indifference. When his best friend, Evelyn, returns from the army, he is determined to teach Carol a lesson and show them both what it really means to be a man.

Venture Wolf are proud to present the first ever West End production of Coward’s controversial masterpiece. Banned by the Lord Chamberlain in 1926, it was not performed in the UK professionally for over eighty years. The play’s exploration of love, marriage and the shallowness of modern society feel as poignant and relevant as ever. THIS WAS A MAN is Nöel Coward at his sharpest, provocative best.

 11th to 28th May 2017


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