Venture Wolf Productions


 The Colonel

Ashton is rich and succesful businessman, well known as a moral crusader. A phone call from a stranger and suddenly his whole life begins to unravel: his wife has been kidnapped and if he ever hopes to see her again he must meet  with her abductor. With no alternative but a tense and gripping encounter with the mysterious and dangerous vigilante known as the Colonel, Ashton finds his entire world turned upside down.  Will he ever get to see his wife again? Who is the mysterious Colonel and what secrets does he wish to hide? One thing is certain: when The Colonel steps out of the shadows, life shall never be the same again.



Directed by Ed Hunter



 Ashton                   Charles Akuruka

 The Colonel           Paul Vitty  

 Sarah                     Samantha O'Connor 

 Wife                       Cristina Mejia Acevedo          


Production Team

Sound James Paul Taylor

Music  Alex Templeman


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