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Charity short films engage and inspire by creating a strong emotional response. A video makes a high impact in raising awareness so is a vital fundraising tool. Embedded on your website, promoted on social media or screened at an event, a film of your charity is an effective way to raise awareness of your cause and highlight the difference you are making, A four minute film can raise awareness and educate on complex and sensitive issues. We care passionately about using film to help charities raise awareness, and enhance their fundraising to help sustain their activities.

High Value and High Impact

Professional Quality Films with a heart filmed in full HD, edited and produce in mpeg, online hosting and DVD formats

We specialist in creating videos for medium to small charities. Ensuring the film reflects the personality of your charity,  your unique services and community.

Social Media has become a vial tool in raising awareness of the issues facing our communities and in reaching out to those in need of support. Social media statements perform 35% better with video content attached. In an era when block grants and statutory funding are being reduced, videos can play a vital role in engaging new supporters, revitalizing your current supporters and encouraging individual giving.

We will ensure you have the correct image rights from those who appear in the video so you can feature it online and at events. You will benefit from experienced directors and crew who have been involved with over 40 films. One of our most recent videos was used in a crowd fund that raise over £7,000 in just a few days.

Personalised Approach

Our personalised approach ensures the film delivers what you want to convey and we help you focused on your clear objectives for the film. We meet with you to discuss what you hope to achieve and talk through the range of options and narrative of the film. We can film and edit interviews, case studies, activities. We are also aware service users availability for film can change last minutes, we pride ourselves on being highly adaptable and are able to conduct filming and interviews at a fast pace without compromising the quality to ensure minimum disruption to your day to day activities. What comes from the heart goes to the heart, the stories of those you helped can be the most evocative and inspiring way to explain  what your charity does. A film allows you to share those stories without them having to be present at every speech or having to continuously repeat their traumatic experiences. The voice of those you have helped is incredibly powerful but where it is not possible or appropriate to film those you have helped telling their stories directly, we can provide a high quality actor to perform their story and ensure their voice is still heard. 

Knowledge of the Charity Sector

In addition to filmmaking our director has over 15 years experience of working as an award winning manager in the voluntary sector. This gives us a unque inight into the needs and considerations of making charity films. In addition to advising you on what will help ensure the film meets your aims, we have been fully trained in Safeguardingand are able to advise on any safeguarding and confidentiality considerations when including case studies and service users. Having worked directly supporting people with learing disability, mental health, young carers, families and children, drug and alcohol addiction and domestic abuse, we are aware and sensitive to the issues of those we may be interviewing. We take our time ensuring anyone interviewed is relaxed, comfortable and confident to share their stories.


What will it cost?

Acting lesson start from 35 per hour, discounts available for block bookings or booking in pairs.
Workshops from £250 per day
Charity Films from £500 for a four minute film. ( we offer a sliding scale depending on the charities turn over to ensure no matter how micro your charity may be we have rates for you)


In addition to the services listed above we are able to offer a range of other services. These include Production Management, Editing, Showreels, Casting and Consultancy.  With over five years experience with casting, all production aspects of films and having produced 19 theatre productions we are able to assist in a diverse range of elements in the production process.  If we do not posses the expertise we're sure to be able to recommend someone who can!




As an actor its important to continue to develop and hone your skills and practice your craft.  Whether you are acting for fun or about to play a demanding leading role, our lessons are bespoke, ensuring we meet your needs and what you hope to get out of each lesson. Explore how to approach a speech, improve your vocal technique, prepare for an audition, or how to approach a classical speech. Our teachers have all played demanding leading roles and directed critically praised productions.  CENTRAL LONDON LOCATION - London Bridge or Waterloo


Our directors are available to deliver a range of bespoke workshops for your cast, school or company. We have over 15 years experience of delivering workshops. These include hosting audition workshops, voice workshops, Exploring Shakespeare and confidence building workshops for groups such as Young Carers and Youth Clubs


Venture Wolf are able to deliver a range of training and team building workshops. Our workshops can help develop team building, confidence and communication skills. Drama workshops can also be an excellent way to develop as a team. Our facilitators are extremely experienced at facilitating away-day workshops and discussions.

email for further details about our teachers and workshop leaders

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