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We are pleased to be able to offer your nursery our pantomime Cinderella, with prices starting from £520 we aim to ensure all children can have a fun and exciting start to Christmas. Whether a room or a hall, our actors are highly adaptable and enjoy bringing their characters to a variety of spaces.

From the producer who gave us ‘a comic masterclass’ and ‘refreshingly entertaining evening out’ with their Noel Coward’s production in at the Leicester Square Theatre in 2017 Cinderella promised to be a funny, entertaining and magic pantomime.  All our actors come from our core company who we have worked with for a number of years so we know they are reliable, engaging skilled performers.   We have a ten year track record of delivering high quality productions

The pantomime last approximately 45 minutes, though it can be longer according to the level of audience participation! Featuring the beautiful Cinderella, hapless Buttons, Charming Prince, hilarious Ugly sisters and the feisty fairy, Cinderella remains the countries most popular pantomime. Be ready for booing, cheering, and audience sing-alongs.

Reviews of previous productions

A master class in acting. The comedy and the pathos are also well-balanced”. - Remote Goat.

“Both physically and verbally, the humour really sparkled” - Carns Theatre Passions

 “Marvellous troupe of actors. Hats off to you all… this was a fast paced, creative rendering which was hugely entertaining.” - Migrant Press


Though our actors love performing pantomime, as a company we do not seek to use the pantomimes to generate our main income. Recently talking to friends who ran nurseries we were shocked a small independent nursery was being charge over a thousand pound, yet we know the actors were on little more than minimum wage. This inspired us to offer our own pantomime. Our fee goes directly to the professional actors with the company only taking a small percentage to cover insurance, set and costume.    We think pantomimes are a fun part of Christmas all children should be able to enjoy.  

What if the Children aren’t use to live performances?

Our performers are highly experienced with a range of audiences. Part of the fun of pantomime is the unpredictability of the audience. We know children react differently, panto’s should be the time that they are allow to be lively. Some of our cast members are also highly experience in performing to children with complex needs and learning disabilities, we will always seek you guidance on how best to engage your children or adapt what we are bringing.  Taking a group of nursery  children to a big theatre production can be very stressful  just writing the risk assessments, by bring the pantomime to you we hope you and the children will be in an environment where you and the children already feel safe, relaxed and happy.

Can we use it as part of our Christmas Party?

Yes of course. We also work in partnership with a children’s entertainment company who can lead party games or provide a Santa for an additional fee.  If you wish to invite others to the party and charge as small admission, please contact us directly. We are very happy for your to utilise the panto for your own fundraising efforts.

What do I do next?

We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Simply email us your preferred date and time and a phone number and we will call you back.


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