Venture Wolf


The time Shakespeare lived was dangerous, filled with insecurity and the constant threat of invasion. The theatre was a noisy, lively forum where people gathered on mass. Heroic and villainous characters took to the stage bringing alive a world of both fiction and historical tales that not only reflected the time in which he lived but also spoke with heart and soul that challenge it’s audience to not just be entertained but explore their own heart and relationships in a new emotive way.  In our workshop we explore how the themes and characters have echoed into our own life and times, enabling each new generation to find compelling messages that urgently resonate in our own hearts and the world in which we now live.
Shakespeare was written to be performed; by understanding his use of language structure and rhythm we can understand how he created dramatic tension and shaped our interpretation of character.Th e workshop is a practical and interactive exploration of Shakespeare characters and plays finding within his works the stories and plays that speak to us and how we wish to tell the tales and characters. No prior knowledge of Shakespeare is required, it you have a love of performing the workshop is a fun and interactive way to build your own confidence and find your voice. Shakespeare belong to the people come along , have fun, learn and reclaim Shakespeare for yourself

What will the workshop cover?

The workshop can be tailors to the needs of your group. Whether its preparing for performance or exploring the text ready for English  exams, in consultation with you we can tailor the session to the play, themes and curriculum requirements.  Emotional dilemma, leadership, jealousy, powerful female roles,

How long does it last?

Our Introduction to Shakespeare  can last between two hours to five hours. If you’re  booking  the exploring Shakespeare session this is delivered over the period of a week culminating in a performance of an abridged version Shakespeare play at the end of the week.

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