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By Richard Brinsley Sheridan

Sheridan’s sensational satire invites you into a world of gossip and rumour where truth is never allowed to get in the way of a good story.

18th Century London is a world of sexual gossip, extravagance and greed. Bankrupt in fortune and reputation, Charles Surface, a gambler and charmer, seems a stark contrast to his honest and respected brother Joseph. Yet in a world of reputation and rumour all may not be as it seems. Left under the charge of Sir Peter Teazle by their wealthy uncle, the only thing the brothers seem to have in common is their interest in the young heiress, Maria. Conspiring with the malicious and scheming Lady Sneerwell is Joseph really interested in love? When their rich uncle returns from India unrecognized and determined to test the brother characters, can bold invention triumph over truth?

The London Theatre  March 2015



A  Comedy Double Bill

An hour of biting wit and incredible heart, sure to make you smile, laugh and maybe even shed a tear or two.

Lipstick and Scones is the story of three sisters who have ended up living very separate lives. They gather with their husbands to celebrate the engagement of their eldest sister, Liz. The problem is this is her fourth engagement this year and no one is certain if he even exists. As the afternoon progresses, past resentments and old secrets emerge, that could derail all their lives.

Following Lipstick and Scones successful premiere last year we are very pleased to revive it, alongside a brand new comedy short play, also written by Paul Vitty.

Departure Date is the story of David. Average job, average life, bumbling his way along in a general state of apathetic self loathing. When a letter arrives late from the hospital his world is thrown into chaos, he only has a day left to live! With nothing left to lose he invites the office stunner for a date. As time runs out, can he find the courage to seize his last chance for love? With the help of his self absorbed sister, a drunken best friend and an aggressive prostitute what could possibly go wrong?
Departure Date is a laugh out loud story of desire, desperation and despair. Told with acidic wit, big heart and a wry smile

Each play lasts approximately 25 minutes.

The Leicester Square Theatre June 2015


by William Shakespeare

When four teenagers venture into the woods at night to chase their dreams they soon find out that the course of true love never did run smooth. Hermia, a dynamic and defiant fifteen year old has just walked out of her parents’ house, running into the woods with her sixteen year old boyfriend Lysander. They had a plan to hide at his aunt’s house but now they are hopelessly lost. Matters are not helped by the fact that her best friend, the lovesick Helena, is ready to betray her whereabouts to Demetrius – the boy Hermia’s father would rather she dated and who won’t leave her alone. Just when Hermia’s problems could not get any worse along comes the mischievous sprite Puck to turn the situation upside down. Can Hermia and Helena reconcile to break the fairy’s spell? Or will the night end with broken dreams and broken bones?

An hour version focusing on the young lovers and puck

Directed by Genevieve Ray

The Canal Café Theatre       August 2015


by Oscar Wilde

In the exclusive social circles of 21st Century Chelsea the lives and loves of the affluent and respectable ruling elite are not all they seem; behind the glamorous veneer of SW1 lies an explosive social scene plagued by lust, heartbreak and betrayal. Is heartbreaker Lord Illingworth’s penitence to be trusted? How will party queens Allonby and Stutfield react when the attention is stolen by New Yorker Hester Worsley? Will Mrs. Arbuthnot’s mysterious secret smash their superficial world? Emotions and hairstyles run high in Venture Wolf’s autumn production of Oscar Wilde’s An Woman of No Importance.

Directed by James Paul Taylor

The London Theatre        October 2015

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